OrangeShine’s Full Web Services

Customized Websites with mobile web capability, Mobile Apps, & Wholesale Order Management System



OrangeShine can create your own customized website with mobile web capability.
It can also be customized to your company’s specific needs and functions.

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Is Your Business Mobile Ready?

% of Smartphone e-commerce Visits

Mobile B2B Shopping

B2B customers researched and compared products and services on their mobile devices while shopping for their business.

B2B content consumption on mobile

More than 1 in 3 US B2B customers read B2B content on mobile devices

Why is “Mobile Ready Website”
Important for Your Business?

On February 26th, Google announced that they would start factoring in
mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. In the announcement,

Google warns that if your website is NOT Mobile Ready,
there will be a significant decrease in traffic from Google search.

Functional Design

Your customized website comes with a fully functioning SHOPPING CART and CHECKOUT system. Optional: Payment Processing service is available. We design and brand your website so it matches your style of clothing and overall look of your brand.

Integrated Customer Management Tool (ICMT)

You get complete access to update your website along with our helpful Technical Support team. You can easily manage customer information, order history, and more.

Mobile Apps

The e-commerce shopping industry is booming as mobile apps have paved the way for shoppers to instantaneously buy products hassle-free. Our statistics prove that wholesale buyers are increasingly using mobile devices and tablets to make purchases on OrangeShine.com. Your Mobile App features Push Notifications, to instantly communicate directly to your buyers with alerts on Sales, New Arrivals, Lookbooks, more.

Mobile Notification View

B2B Mobile Use

Mobile-friendly sites turn users into customers

When users visit a mobile-optimized site

74% are more likely to return to the site

67% are more likely to buy products and services

Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

B2B customers who shop on mobile devices rely more heavily on brosers than apps

53% of B2B customers download and run branded B2B
mobile apps